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Leadership &

How Leaders and Employees Impact the Landscape of Culture

Does the culture in your organization provide fertile ground for collaboration, innovation and a drive for excellence?

Are you interested in increasing your impact as a leader or employee?

Our job is to help clients like you to align the core essentials of personal and organizational development: the interplay of culture, strategy, communication and leadership practices.

Corporate goals, employees and leaders alike need to be in sync to build a sustainable future. And this means leading with a holistic mindset. It mean being clear about the culture that drives not only performance but also the relationships within the organization.

Talk to us about your goals. A conversation with one of our coaches or consultants is confidential and always free of charge.

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& Teams

Collaboration Ethics of Highly Effective Teams

Is your goal higher productivity or better communication?

Do you work with remote teams half-way across the world? Is your team a mature one or do you barely know one another?

Whatever your current team dynamic is,  new challenges, performance pressure  or unresolved issues can decrease the willingness and ability to work together effectively. Individual interests begin to overrule collective goals.

Contributing to a healthy team mindset means addressing the team's effectiveness as well as the well-being of the individual.  This is true for all teams - and it is particularly crucial for teams who are expected to consistently perform on the highest level.

Talk to one of our consultants or coaches about your specific concerns. We offer support whenever and wherever you need it.

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Personal Growth
& Development

Upgrading Emotional IQ and Performance Confidence

Do you want a self-growth program that can create an immediate shift in your personal or professional life?

Are you facing a new challenge and you need to regroup?

Self-nurture and growth is essential for your wellbeing, health and effectiveness in life. It is especially true if you are a high performer or leader or if you are facing challenging situations. Re-connecting with yourself means living and acting from a more authentic and empowered place. It means being able to easier access your own strengths as a confident decision maker and a balanced and impactful communicator and partner. EMPOWER YOURSELF
  • Achieve greater productivity and balance in a challenging professional environment
  • Increase your self-confidence, your impact and the connectedness to others.
  • Stay on the leading edge. Increase your existing skills, expertise and professional style
  • Articulate from a fresh perspective; release old habits and counter productive knee-jerk behaviors
  • Enrich your current situation through nurture, wellbeing and playful discovery
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& Change

The Vision of Intrapreneurs and Change Leaders

Our creativity and innovation experts train, mentor and coach clients to develop new and extraordinary ideas. Their mindset:

“I don’t know what’s not possible.”

Thought- and innovation leaders understand the value of structure in the creative process and the psychology of emotion, motivation and  behavior.

Much like the musician whose improvisational skills is anchored in understanding the rules of beat and rhythm, innovation leaders and teams develop their creativity by sharpening their skills simultaneously to nurturing their passion for discovery.

The projects we have developed with our clients include new product ideas, services, conflict solutions and work processes. Talk to us about your specific need to increase innovation and thoughtful risk culture in your organization.

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Our holistic methodology is based on addressing the personal, the collective and the rational aspects of driving change. We must align all three if we want to achieve sustainable growth and a workforce operating at their best.

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    This is about the respect for the individual and his or her need for recognition, self-realization and support within the corporate family.

    The goal is to develop personal talents, increase knowhow, boost confidence, expand perspectives and upgrade practices.

    It is about the individual performer whose integrity and knowhow makes the journey an outstanding and meaningful one.

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    This is about the team. It's about fostering collaboration and respect across functionalities, genders and hierarchies.

    We address codes of conduct, collaboration, communication & organizational culture.

    The goal is to define and support the co-creative drive for innovation, shared responsibility and collaborative vision.

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    This is all about practical tools, strategies and processes on the job.

    Here we explore how to optimize work processes and procedures without jeopardizing employee individuality or personalized customer service.

    We examine what structures and rules we can standardize (or let go of) to increase efficiency and work flow.

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